Will Artificial Intelligence Change the Stories?

Will Artificial Intelligence Change the Stories?

by ray stasieczko December 24, 2021

The Reindeer are chosen and line up for that last inspection before the lucky eight head out worldwide. Rudolf will lead the way again. Everyone remembers Rudolf. We all remember the stories we were told as children. Regardless of ethnicity, religion, education, upbringing, or where we started out in life on the map. All generations have heard the stories to explain how what is, was made possible by what was.

The human experience is a never-ending tale of What, Why, Who, and how's. Our older generations taught us what the past generations taught them. The way your grandmother sews a quilt together one patch at a time, our understanding of life is a culmination of stories patched together—the translators of what has defined every generation's children's education to why things are. 

Translators who were part of the community, the family, the stories we heard were guarded and rarely changed. In years past, translators were motivated by the story's power to influence one's thoughts and behaviors. Many children, maybe even some adults, will look upwards for the glowing nose of the tiny Reindeer traveling from the north on 12/24 and hope they were good enough that Santa drops in.   

Well, it's nearly a quarter into the 21st Century, and storytelling is beginning to take a new shape which is profoundly changing not only in one's access to learning, the key to fuel one's imagination is almost unimaginable. 

Today we can communicate with people worldwide easier than the generations before us communicated around the campfire or the dining room table; for nearly all humankind, communication was about storytelling. Those who gathered talked about what was. They regurgitated what they heard from others and then injected their ability to spin an opinion into what the future might be.

The younger generations are more and more technology-driven earlier and earlier in life, so with the increases in the availability of information and the continuous improvements in technology user experience, the audience of users will soon include all generations. Furthermore, as our digital world migrates itself deeper and deeper into our physical world, the speed of information redefines the ways knowledge is consumed and digested. 

Today we don't have to execute a process for gaining knowledge of a subject; we don't have to research what we need to know. Instead, what we need to know can be delivered to us before asking. As a result, technology has taken predictability from a fortune-telling process to a data-driven science-based approach.

I believe that in the future, the stories we pass down from generation to generation will be more about what the future holds than what the past provided. As artificial intelligence (AI) increases in capabilities, the amount of information available will exceed human comprehension capabilities. 

This ability to learn more than ever before about what could be will drive us to disregard what was. Artificial Intelligence will have the ability to imagine and create something unknown to a physical world ahead of its human cohorts. Artificial Intelligence will give birth to ideas that are incomprehensible to humans from this ability. 

Artificial Intelligence will live and direct traffic in the intersection between the digital and physical worlds.

Some are considered the pioneers, futurists, Einstein's, Edison's, Musk's, or Hawking's of the world. These types of individuals represented the tiniest percentage of the human population. However, the one in 100 million, and what they accomplished is not only remembered, it directed and still directs the what and how things are today, and in some cases centuries later.

So as Artificial Intelligence continues influencing the world, the speed to action of what could be will continue increasing. Think about a world where Artificial Intelligence surpasses in quantity the human-computer the Einstein's, the Edison's, the Musk's, the Hawking's of the world. A century ago, it took decades of visionaries to prove or disprove, evaluate, and study the facts. 

Those thought leaders throughout the centuries had one thing in common: they needed time to accumulate information in those days'; the periods in transitioning could be decades. 

Today's technology allows time to travel not only well into the future. Today's technology can evaluate the past, the present, and the future and, with ever-growing certainty, allow humanity to live and prosper in a present world reality that moves closer and closer to the border where the present and future connect. 

The excuse we need time is eroding.

Today's technology continues to be defined by what it does to make the future better. Thereby changing society from learning from history to a society that learns from what an imagined future holds. 

There will simply be too much information available that humans won't care about history they instead will be consumed with progress. 

When Thomas Edison was working on the light bulb, he did not care or concern himself with the candle or the candle maker, and the candle industry misjudged the time they had left until Edison would diminish their importance. This misjudgment of time by industries even today is deadly to their sustainability.

In the future, the better way is the result of constantly modifying. Therefore, the word change will be replaced with the word modified in the future. 

In the future, we won't have to rely on a genius being born one in 100 million to change the world; in the future, there will be millions of Artificial Intelligent minds. Imagine centuries ago if the world had millions of geniuses, not one in 100 million. 

What if, in the past, one in 100 million was a human born with what today would be considered normal intelligence, and the rest of humankind was Einstein's. 

Artificial Intelligence is modifying our world's reality; how we communicate and comprehend is forever changing all current circumstances to constantly modifying circumstances.

Every day It becomes more comprehensible for us to imagine what was once unimaginable.

The stories we tell children will be about the future; every year, there will be a different story; in the future, children will undoubtedly be bored with Rudolf reruns. 

In the future, Artificial Intelligence will know before Santa if the children were good then digitally download want what they want, allowing Santa to stay home Christmas Eve. So yes, even Santa will redefine the what, the how, and the why of his deliverable. 

Happy Holidays my friends from the future, at the intersection between the digital and physical world. 

"Status quo is the killer of all that will be invented."

 Ray Stasieczko  CEO/Founder TEASRA,The Innovation Channel and Host of The End of The Day With Ray!         

ray stasieczko
ray stasieczko


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