The Buzzword Lesson For The Print Industry!

The Buzzword Lesson For The Print Industry!

by ray stasieczko October 17, 2023

The Buzzword Lesson For The Print Industry!  
As the print industry continues through its disruption, its actors must beware of those selling buzzwords. Today, the print industry, like most industries, is overwhelmed by those newly appointed (Self-Appointed) Buzzword Experts!

Remember: Buzzword Experts don't stick around and clean up the mess; instead, they are off to the next buzzword. Knowing when to jump from the chair is important if you find yourself in buzzword classrooms!

So, I decided to do as some others, and I came up with an award! Don't worry, there are not 100 winners!

This new award is not to capitalize on or manipulate the industry's insecurity. My award is to highlight a couple of disasters that were born of buzzwords and based on fantasy. 
The winners are!

1) The No-Bolt-On ERP! was a delusional concept that a single platform would solve all the needs for print dealers' contractual relationships with end-users as print dealers transitioned into broader service deliverables. However, through the print industry's naivety, some focused on what they might one day deliver instead of focusing on what they currently deliver. Some were so excited by the No-Bolt-On Buzzword that they ended up putting the cart before the horse. Only to realize they bought a dysfunctional cart!

2) Seat-Based-Billing- The concept born in the IT Services Industry, where the knowledge worker was defined as a seat. This defined the workers who worked through the keyboards of a computer. Through naivety and lack of understanding of the IT services deliverable within the print channel. Some filled up classroom chairs to learn the insanity that end-users would contract print by the seat!

I decided to call the Award The FORZA Award! Since the 1st place winner of my inaugural award was the failed buzzword - No-Bolt-On ERP!

FORZA is an acronym.

So, my industry friends, when you're seeking knowledge and see the sign, Buzzword classroom ahead! Ask yourself, Am I learning something based on a buzzword backed by fantasy?

In Closing, I wanted to be the first thought leader in the industry to use this new disclaimer. No, AI was used to create this article.

It seems as if some of the industry's thought leaders have run out of thoughts and turned their platforms over to AI.

Have a great day my friends! Look for me from the road this week.

Ray Stasieczko 
Host of The End Of The Day With Ray!

ray stasieczko
ray stasieczko


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